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How to Transfer Apps from iPad to Another

Question: "I have a iPad, and have a lot of useful apps on it, my wife also have a iPad, but have a few apps on it, so she asked me to get a copy for her, that's mean that she want me to transfer Apps from iPad to her iPad, i am not familiar with iPad, someone can tell me how to do"

Answer: As we all know that Apple does not allow to transfer stuff from iPad to Computer, you can turn to iPad to Computer Transfer for help, it can help you easily transfer iPad Apps to your computer, and then synch it to your wife's iPad with the help of iTunes, The following article will show you how to do it! You can have a try, please.

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Guide: How to Transfer Apps from iPad to Another

Step 1, Connect your iPad with your computer via cable, start the software, the following windows pop up.

interface of ipad to computer transfer

Step 2, Check the Apps you want. And then click the "Export" button.

Step 3, Hit the "Export to Disk Only" on the "Select Export Mode" windows, finally click "OK" button,

select the export model

Step 4, Get the Apps to your wife's iPad via iTunes.

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