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How to Transfer Data from iPhone 3 to iPhone 4

iPhone 4, the Apple's revolutionary product, which drives the fans mad, with it, you can enjoy capturing and editing the high definition videos everywhere and other amazing functions. Beside the joy, the iPhone 4 also bring us some puzzlement, such as how to copy data from my iPhone 3 to iPhone 4. one of iPhone 4 users meet the trouble below:

"My wife newly bought a new iPhone 4, and he want to migrate data from his iPhone 3 to the iPhone 4, but something can not help. What is the best way to do this? Can he set up the iPhone 4 from a backup of his old iPhone?"

Hi, buddy, there is a effective way which can help you a lot. that is using a third party software named iPhone Transfer, which can first get a copy of your Old iPhone stuff, and then Synch it to your iPhone 4. Here, follow the step by step guide and then have a try, now!

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Guide: How to Transfer Data from iPhone 3 to iPhone 4

Step 1, Connect your old iPhone with your computer, and start the iPhone software.

the interface

Step 2, Hit the item, check the files you want.

Step 3, Click the "Export" button and then hit "Export to Disk Only", then click "OK" button.

select the mode

Step 4, Synch the iPhone 3 data to iPhone 4 with the help of iTunes.

And now, you can enjoy your iPhone 3 data on your iPhone 4, hurry up to have a try to transfer data from iPhone 3 to iPhone 4.

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