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How to Transfer iPad Notes to Your PC

You may want to write something and some feeling when you are out and have a journey. But where to write? and how to write? It is easy if you have a iPad, you can write it in your iPad Note, which can help you record your feeling, address, and your friends' contact information and something else in text mode.

When you really want to enjoy your iPad Notes content in your computer, a problem you must meet is that apple does not allow you directly to transfer ipad notes to pc, you can achieve the goal with the third-party software, here recommend you the ipad transfer, which can help you and other ipad users to transfer almost different kinds files to your computer.

For your convenience, here also provide the step by step guide, follow it, you can soon share your notes on your computer.

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Guide: How to Transfer iPad Notes to Your Computer

Step 1, After downloading the software, and then complete the installation work, double click the icon on the desktop to start the software, connect your computer with your ipad, the interface like below.

the main interface of ipad transfer

Step 2, Click the "Notes" item, and check the notes you want to get to your computer.

Step 3, Click "Export" -> "Export to Disk Only" -> "OK" button.

choose the mode

Step 4. A few minutes later, you can get what you want.

That is the guide about how to transfer iPad notes to PC easily, is it easy? You can have a free try.

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