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How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Facebook

"I have some photos stored on my iPad, now i want to enjoy them on facebook so that i can share what i have and what i feel recently with my friends. when i do the deed, i found some trouble, i can not get them off my iPad. Can someone who meet the same trouble before help me figure out the problem?"  - John

I am a iPad fan, and i have iPad on hand for years, and i have meet the problem like what you meet, you can first transfer photos from iPad to your computer, and then upload them onto facebook. But how to get iPad photos to your PC, here recommend you the easy to use iPad Photo Transfer, with it, you can easily get a copy your iPad files to your computer. Now let's go and have a free try!

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Guide: How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Facebook

Step 1, Connect the iPad with your computer, and then start the software, it will automatically scan your iPad, and show all its cotent as follows.

the main interface of ipad photo transfer

Step 2, Mark the item on the left panel, and then check the desired photos on the right panel.

Step 3, Click "Export" -> "Export to Disk Only" -> "OK" button. when it is over, you can find the iPad photos on your computer.

select the destination

Until now, what you have to do is to get your facebook on, and upload the photos on it.

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