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How to Transfer Songs from iPad to iPod Nano

As we all know, iPad is the upgrade product of Apple, it has some advantages that others do not have, it can not only bring to you the cool design, also the enjoyment. Someone prefer iPad than iPod. But today, i have to enjoy the music on my iPod Nano not my iPad for the reason of low power. Can you help me to transfer songs from iPad to iPod Nano.

If you really want to, here will show you the easy way. First, you must transfer the iPad music to iTunes with iPad to iTunes Transfer, and then synch musics to iPod Nano. Download the software, and then follow the guide to transfer iPad music to iPod Nano.

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Guide: How to Transfer Songs from iPad to iPod Nano

Step 1, Plug your iPad into your computer via cable, start the program and iTunes, it will automatically scan all the stuff on the iPad. The screenshot is as below.

interface of ipad to itunes transfer

Step 2, Hit the "Music" tab on the left panel, and then check the music files you want to enjoy on your iPod device.

check the music files

Step 3, Hit the "Export" > "Export to iTunes" > "OK" button to finish it.

select the 'itunes' model

Step 4, Synch the music files you want to iPod Nano via iTunes.